E-scooter : the future is here !

Intelligent transport : E-scooter as the future of transport

E-scooter is said to be very helpful to cities and includes lesser nuisance. For safety reasons, cities should opt for smaller- scale modes of transport. Therefore, there should be a shift from car to e-scooter or e-bikes for environmental sustainability.

Gogoro, an electric scooter, the Tesla of scooters!

According to Digitimes (published on 16th April 2019), Gogoro, which is famous in the US, will soon invest US $188 to enlarge the network of its battery-swapping stations in Taiwan from 1,195 to 1,500 by the end of the year 2019. The CEO of the company, Horace Luke explained :

Gogoro’s factory in northern Taiwan consists of e-scooter assembly lines and two production lines for 1.3KW power batteries used for the e-scooters. The new battery line to be established will produce 1.7KW batteries which can increase endurance running distance from 110km to 170km. Upon completion of the third line, Gogoro will have annual production capacity of 200,000 power batteries, adding Gogoro has so far procured battery cells exclusively from Japan-based Panasonic and will seek additional supplies from local makers.”

The Tesla of scooters
The Tesla of scooters

According to the Smart Asset Study, 29% of the 150 cities illustrated the total cost for electric vehicles that is lower than gasoline-powered vehicles. Electric scooters might be more reasonable in cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco because these are cities with denser urban cores in the U.S. Barcelona, London, Nice and Singapore showed the essential part of smart cities and how the two wheelers have an advantage on road.

Let’s talk about the E-scooters that are all the rage across the globe and its advantages

According to Forbes, both Bird and Lime are trying hard to change law of UK to pave to way for new regulations for people to scoot around.

Lime scooters are environmentally friendly with foldable helmets for safety. The latter is on sale for 24 hours at only Closca.com. Lime scooter is safer and stylish. The latter is equipped with GPS and 3G connectivity. Also, it has a solar panel and smart lock. In 2017, Lime had 150,000 users.

Lime scooters are environmentally friendly with foldable helmets for safety
Lime scooters are environmentally friendly with foldable helmets for safety

On the other hands, Bird scooters which can be found in cities like Paris, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Brussels and across US is Lime’s major competitor. Bird’s aim is to make cities more sustainable by reducing car usage, road congestions and carbon emissions.

Coming to the advantages in general

Coming to the advantages in general, the adoption of e-scooters will increase safety for all road users. In 2018, the US accounted 6000 pedestrian deaths that is why due to pedestrian fatalities, 30% of the car trips has been replaced by Bird rides.

Most of the times, speeding is the main cause behind serious car accidents. According to Injury Epidemiology, “Vision Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) should not be exposed to a speed of 18.6 mph. Cities that have opt for a speeding of 25 mph with a safe street design have been successful in lowering speeds of vehicles and pedestrian injuries. In New York city, speeding was lowered by 63% as a result of which pedestrian injuries too was reduced by 23%.

The adoption of e-scooters will increase safety for all road users
The adoption of e-scooters will increase safety for all road users

It should also be noted that E-scooters is not only creating a green city, but it is also helping in creating new opportunities to earn money. Bird, Lime and others are offering opportunities to people to increase their income by gathering and charging e-scooters at night.


Presently, there is a lot of ‘furore’ around E-scooters and this will continue until the cities do not find a solution of how to handle the rising number of E-scooters in a safe way. Many E-Scooters operators are trying hard to improve their technological solutions, it will be interesting to see who will be the first leading E-scooter operator in the market and how people is going to react to it. For the moment, the main obstacle is to build an e-scooter with longer battery life

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