Internet of Things (IoT): Great Innovation or Great Mistake?


IoT is attaching our day-to-day objects with machine-readable identification tags. In these tags, sensors will gather more information about the condition of daily objects and those who are present around them.

How will Future IoT look like?

Due to IoT, that day is not so far when we will be out of our home and our computers at home will be contacting us. To make us aware about the expiry dates or the bread is over or we need more rice. This is not a dream but will soon be a reality.

IoT will also help various companies wherein the computers would keep track of the available stock and resources. The aim behind it is to save a lot of time and maintaining them to optimum levels.

Before understanding the impact of IoT, it can have in our living, it is vital to see if it is a great innovation or a great mistake.

The benefits of IoT

Importance of IoT
The future of IoT is not so far


As more information will be collected therefore it will be easier to make the right decision. Having an awareness what to get from the market, when we are out. This not only saves time but also it is also convenient. This is due to IoT.


The computers is here to keep records about the quality and viability of things at home. Knowing the expiry date of products before consuming them. It improves quality of life as well as our safety. Also, we will never run out of anything when we need it even at the last moment.


By the grace of IoT, the amount of time saved in monitoring and the number of trips done otherwise would be tremendous.


The best advantage is the financial aspect. This technology (IoT) could replace people who are in charge of controlling and maintaining supplies.

Limitations of IoT

IoT is it a great mistake?
cons- Internet of Things


As there will be no standard for tagging and controlling with sensors. A uniform concept like the USB or Bluetooth is needed which should not be that complex to do.

Complexity with IoT

There are various opportunities for failure with complex systems. For instance, both you and your spouse may receive a message that the milk is over and both of you may end up buying the same item. This leads to a wastage of money and leaves you with double the quantity more than we require. Or a software bug which causes the printer to order ink several times when a single cartridge is needed.

Privacy and Security

The big issue with IoT is privacy. All the data must be encrypted so that data about your financial status or how much milk you consume isn’t common knowledge at the place of work or with your friends.


A chance of software being hacked and misuse of personal information. The possibilities are endless. Prescription being changed or your account details being hacked can put us at risk. As such, all the safety risks become the consumer’s responsibility.


Although IoT has a few limitations, it is still a great innovation saving the consumer time and money can’t be ignored. Therefore, the time isn’t far when the Internet of Things will commonly be seen in companies and households. Efforts will be required to find ways to combat this disadvantage.

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