Silicon park, Dubai’s first smart city

Silicon park, all set to become Dubai’s first genuine smart city

Dubai is all set to build a reputation to be among the smartest city in the world. Emirates is taking a great step in 2019, that is the opening of Silicon park which will be the first dedicated smart city development in Dubai. The construction is due to be completed in the mid-2019, the park will consist of the most advanced concept in smart services, infrastructures etc.

According to, Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence said: “Dubai Silicon Oasis plays a vital role in raising the bar for technological proficiency, thereby strengthening the UAE’s credentials in emerging technology fields. Through doing so, the hi-tech park is today synonymous with quality offerings, attracting business partners and investments that have consolidated its reputation as one of the leading business hubs in the region.”

Let’s talk about the immensity of the park!

The park will comprise an office space of 71,000 square meters and a commercial space of 25,000 square meters as well as 46,000 square meters residential area including 59 embellished apartments, 112 room business hotel along with the conference center, open space and plaza. The park will be operated by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA).

Immensity of Dubai's Silicon Park
Immensity of Dubai’s Silicon Park

Engineer Muammar Al Katheeri’s statement

Muammar Al Katheeri, the Executive Vice President of Engineering and Smart City Unit at Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) said that when all of the buildings will be handed over to its customers, the park will open in two main phases. In the first phase, 20 buildings will be inaugurated and in the second phase, the conference center, apartments as well as the first Radisson ‘Red’ hotel will be opened in the region. He also explained that there will be a three month testing to make sure that the smart services, infrastructures etc are running smoothly.

Let’s talk about the services and systems of the park

The Silicon park will comprise of 28 systems and 60 smart services which will control the intelligent integrated building management system, cooling, solar power among others. It will also include smart sensors which will surveil every aspect of the park.

The services that will be offered to the residents and employees at the park are:

  • for e.g drivers can go to the car park and office by registering their car. Also, rather than booking an appointment, the residents can consult a doctor via teleconference.
  • a smart signage will also be included for wayfinding to ensure that every users can keep smart devices connected. DSOA is even testing the robotic garbage collection services. The authority (DSOA) is also supporting the development of 5G to accelerate the ways of doing business.
  • apart from 5G, the another big feature of Silicon Park is sustainability. A case in point, many building roofs will house solar panels and rooftop gardens, therefore the residents will always be connected to nature. There will also be smart metering for individual offices.
  • the entire data produced by Silicon Park will be ingested into the Dubai Data Platform, to create the perfect smart city ecosystem. Rochester Institute of Technology based in Dubai is a partner of DSOA which has introduced the Master’s program in data science and which will provide skilled workers for Dubai’s smart projects.
The Silicon park will comprise of 28 systems and 60 smart services which will control the intelligent integrated building management
The Silicon park will comprise of 28 systems and 60 smart services which will control the intelligent integrated building management

Silicon Park Amenities

Silicon Park will also provide sports facilities and will comprise health and fitness centers with running tracks and cycling trails.

It should also be noted that the Silicon park project is estimated to be at Dh1.3 billion ($354 million). Also, it complies with the International LEED standard as well as the UAE Green Building Regulations and Specifications, to improve environmental sustainability.

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