Smart agriculture and IoT devices

Smart agriculture

Smart agricultures are modern agricultures. For instance, AgriTech means the application of technology in agriculture. According to,, it has been predicted that by 2025, the global smart agriculture market size will be tripled. Additionally, the latter will reach $15.3 billion (compared to being slightly over $5 billion back in 2016).

In addition to the above paragraph, the market is still developing, there is a high opportunity for businesses who are willing to join in. Building IoT products for Smart agriculture can help in paving the way towards success.

IoT_Internet of Things
IoT_Internet of Things

How’s IoT shaping the future of smart agriculture?

IoT and Technologies have the ability to build a smart agriculture in many aspects. Here are the ways IoT can improve agriculture:


Large amount of data

Large amount of data gathered by smart agriculture sensors, i.e. soil quality, weather conditions etc. To track the staff performance, state of the business among others.

Lower production risks

Additionally, there are lower production risks due to better control over the internal processes. The ability to anticipate the output of the production and allows to plan for better product distribution.

Less coss involved

Cost and waste are reduced due to the increased control over the product. Therefore, there will be no risks of reducing yields as crop growth or livestock health are monitored.

Smart irrigation


The use of smart devices, can automate multiple processes across your production cycle like irrigation, fertilizing, or pest control.

High standard of crop quality

Production process can be better controlled, product quality and volumes can be enhanced. Maintaining good and healthy crop quality through automation.

All of these factors can lead to a higher revenue.

Also, there are many types of IoT sensors for a smart agriculture such as:

Monitoring climate conditions

IoT devices like allMETEO, Smart Elements and Pycno are the smart agriculture gadgets that collects various data from the environment and send it to the cloud. Additonally, taking the required measures to improve their capacity (i.e. precision farming) among others.

Greenhouse automation

Farmapp and Growlink are IoT agriculture products that allows weather stations to adjust the conditions to match the given parameters among others.

Moreover, GreenIQ is also an smart agriculture sensors that allows you to manage irrigation and lighting systems remotely.

Devices for crop management

Arable and Semios are  IoT product in agriculture that helps in monitoring crop growth or any diseases that can affect a yield.

Cattle management

Similar to crop monitoring, there are other IoT agriculture sensors that can monitor animals’ health. Futhermore, devices like SCR by Allflex and Cowlar utilizes smart agriculture sensors (collar tags) to deliver temperature, nutrition insights among others for each individual cow.

SCR by Allflex
SCR by Allflex


To conclude, Smart Farming is key for the future of sustainable agriculture. These IoT devices will not only build a smarter agriculture but also increases revenue through less cost and wastage. Also, it provides nutrition insights which aids in maintaining the health of animals. Hence, making them healthy.

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