Smart Cities and the Significance of BIM

Smart Cities and the Significance of BIM

BIM which stands for Building Information Modeling, a 3D model-based process which is supported by technologies for a better performing assets. BIM is not an option but it’s a necessity. It is widely in use in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering industries. Let’s talk about Smart Cities and BIM

The importance of BIM

There are several teams who work together in every infrastructure project. One group takes the responsibility of planning. Another one looks after the construction and another group takes the responsibility of designing while the remaining others supervise the maintenance. In such a framework, the importance of BIM is growing.

Benefits of BIM

The advantage of BIM is that it makes it easier for the team to collaborate, manage information and communication associated with a construction project. Furthermore, the traditional process of functioning is time consuming and leads to a wastage of revenue as well when one team hands over the project to another team. Therefore. In this case BIM can help a lot by saving their time and can overcome this problem by embracing information mobility and allows everyone to use the similar standards and processes. As a consequence, there can be an increase in asset knowledge over the lifecycle of the project.

BIM is important for Smart Cities
BIM is important for Smart Cities

Implementing BIM makes it easier for architects and constructors to reduce waste, saving on expenses which was incurred due to avoidable delays as well as to complete their project on time. The model is a great end point for a lot of knowledge transfer, but there’s also a need to share reports, a traditional plan, section and elevation to the project team. Using automation and customization features, it can also save valuable drafting time.

Adoption of BIM in UK

UK is implementing BIM on every government project. Dubai has already implemented the BIM technology. Additionally, countries like Europe, Spain, Germany and nations like France have advanced the adoption of BIM standards. Similarly, just like the UK, New Zealand has also implemented BIM for significant infrastructure projects.

BIM will also be implemented in India due to the government’s “100 Smart Cities” projects, with the aim to support green standards and control operating costs. In the 5th smart cities India expo 2019, the government will further explain about the implementation and significance of BIM which will be held in May 22nd to 24th.

The 4D BIM can be very helpful how?

Advantages in visualising in the fourth dimension is that collaborators who are involved in a project can see each phase of the building and can analyse and imagine how it is going to be at present.

4D to see each phase of the building and can analyse and imagine how it is going to be at present
4D to see each phase of the building and can analyse and imagine how it is going to be at present

This future view can prepare them in advance and scheduling of work as well as materials gathering can also be known and can easily be altered if needed.

BIM enhances sequencing

It is important to have a knowledge of the project’s sequencing to be able to change or maintain it. As Mark Jenkins Oracle product management director said that by merging the BIM model and scheduled activities, managers can watch a project being built virtually to validate the accuracy of planned sequences within the schedule.

However, the pioneers in the BIM field are the Nordic nations of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden because they adopted BIM as early as 2004–2005.

To conclude, in the generation of IoT and Big Data, deploying BIM to City planning and management only appears to be the next logical step. The Smart Building and their BIM digital model is becoming a prerequisite since many cities are currently going through major renovation or adaptation, therefore taking advantage of these new services can help them a lot. Moreover, considering the use of BIM models by new territories can influence historic cities and can also push them to reinvent themselves.

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