Smart City : a boon or a bane ?

Smart City, what is it ? Is it a boon or a bane ? Let's talk about it

Smart city is a non-rural area that make use of Internet of Things (IOT) sensors to gather data then make use of these data to operate assets and resources in a systematic way. The latter is a city with smarter energy infrastructure.


It’s aim is to improve the well-being of people, having a vision for economic growth. Also, to reduce air pollution. As a result, of its innovative way of functioning, it is cost-effective and time-saving a case in point, people will be provided services without visiting offices.

Questions that arises is smart city a boon or a bane?

Smart city for a lively future!

According to the latest report published in 2018 from McKinsey Global Institutes (MGI), it has been mentioned and evaluated how through various digital applications, people’s lives have been saved through fewer accidents, it also reduces health problems and prevention of carbon emissions, robbery including fatalities like homicides and fires etc.

It is beneficial for humanity
It is beneficial for humanity

Reduced burden of commutes by the grace of smart mobility applications

According to the website, by 2025, cities that employ smart mobility applications will have the ability to lessen commuting times by approximately 15 to 20%. As a result of which application can ease problems leading to road congestions etc. In developing cities, where people travel by bus, in these places the use of intelligent syncing signals has the ability to reduce the burden of commutes by 5%.

Smart city a smart solution for job creations

Due to the smart technologies and high-tech machines jobs like driving roles, temporary installation jobs among others might be created. E-career centers can aid in hiring and drawing more unemployed people into the job market. Government functions can be digitalized as an illustration, the business licensing, permitting as well as tax filing.

In addition to its profits, it also generates jobs
In addition to its profits, it also generates jobs

However, the fact cannot be rejected that modern technologies can erase some jobs in the job market such as administrative jobs, field jobs as well as some industrial jobs.

Smart Cities and a change in economics infrastructure

Smart cities technologies aid the cities and avert them from investing in tangible assets and maintenance, even if they are building from a scratch as smart technologies can add up new capabilities as core components are enhanced.

A contribution on infrastructure
A contribution on infrastructure

Problems related to charging and battery replacement

As a smart city depends on a huge number of sensors and IOT devices, each of these devices and sensors operates with the help of batteries. Even though, it is designed in such a way that there will be no need for recharging or replacement of batteries for a longer period of time. However, when replacement will be needed, it is likely to be very costly.

The risks and concerns that are involved in the establishment of smart cities are the cost of living, in other words a huge investment is needed. The investments can be borne by residents of that city in form of high rate taxes.

Privacy and smart city

As smart city is based on assembling a lot of data. Therefore, it can reveals a lot of things about an individual. The governing jurisdictions should make sure that the privacy matters be revealed for its development. Once privacy aspects are revealed, there is a big risks to the safety of individuals and the system should be well designed so that it does not go in wrong hands.

In a nutshell, Smart cities has gained a lot of attention, it is that subject that keeps on trending from time to time and which is likely to do so in the future. Smart technologies is providing solutions to every problems starting from human beings, their lifestyles, commutes etc. But as smart technologies is new in the market, there are things that still needs to be implemented and developed.

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