Smart lighting solutions in Smart Cities


Smart lighting solutions is the intelligent transformation of cities and buildings. This development will continue in future based on increased connectivity and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Additionally, IoT is becoming the most important part in most smart cities strategies across the world.

Smart lighting as a pillar for IoT applications

Smart-lighting-as- a-pillar
Smart-lighting-as- a-pillar

Installation of smart lighting solutions can play a vital role in a smart city strategy. In which street and other lighting installations serve as a pillar of network. Also, in which services benefits the citizens, companies as well as the city government.

We can see that most of the cities nowadays that opt for new smart lighting choose for system equipped with the sensor technology. Which can be upgraded or use the benefits of IoT.

New smart lighting products can aid in monitoring the environment. Also, to increase public and traffic safety, upgrading WiFi hotspots among others.

Smart lighting solutions in cities

A large number of cities had already implemented smart lighting solutions. Examples of street and other lighting solutions:

The City of Copenhagen


To begin with, the city has improved its energy efficiency, reduced its operational costs (energy cost savings of approximately 60%), enabled remote lighting management and control. As a result of which, the safety of citizens are improved.

Wipperfürth- the German city

Wipperfürth- Smart-lighting

Implementation of a city-wide smart lighting network in this city, which feeds local information to the smartphones of citizens and visitors through Bluetooth. Furthermore, by utilizing a downloadable app, smartphone users can access local retailers, special offers, smart parking information among others.

City of London and the Borough of Barking and Dagenham


In addition, both cities are employing over 28,000 smart street lights through a platform-as-a-service solution. Implementation of intelligent lighting helps in achieving energy savings goals, reduce operational costs, improve service among others.

Bristol City Council- United Kingdom

Bristol City Council
Bristol City Council

The city have opted for a new efficient solution and have replaced their original street lighting to reduce operating costs. Additionally, approximately 20,000 of its street lights are generating a cost saving of 1 million British pounds each year.

Barcelona (Spain) and in San Jose and Los Angeles (both USA)

Barcelona- Spain
Barcelona- Spain

Last but not the least, smart lighting solutions in these cities provide mobile broadband connectivity. The light pole offer a WiFi hotspot, improving mobile network performance across the city and it monitors remotely.

The benefits of intelligent lighting solutions

This new lighting solution helps in building an intelligent city or community. The key benefits are (non-exhaustive list):

  • Firstly, reduction of maintenance cost and energy
  • Secondly, public safety-increased from improved lighting
  • Thirdly, safer traffic- increased visibility of hazards;


Intelligent lighting can serve as a backbone for a modern city network. However, it is also important to know other existing systems and technologies. Additionally, scalability in terms of the overall network size and in terms of upgrades of future applications/functionality must also be considered.

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