Smart Parking: Libelium Smart Parking Sensor Platform

Smart parking

The Smart Parking Sensor Platform enables city motorists save time and fuel. According PC Magazine Encyclopedia, a vehicle parking system aids drivers to search for a vacant spot. Intelligent parking involves sensors in each parking space that detect the absence and presence of a vehicle. It also signs direct incoming drivers to the available parking space.

In addition to the above paragraph, in the early 2000s, the installation of smart parking system at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, where the parking garages closed when they were about 90% filled. Due to the Smart Park system, garages close only at 99% occupancy.

Smart parking solutions are rising in cities across the US, with the nascent industry expected to reach worldwide revenue of $356.5 million annually by 2020, according to a study from Navigant Research. These systems have the ability to improve quality of life by reducing traffic jam and rising turnover for merchants, delivering more revenue for municipalities among others.

Smart Parking sensor technology


Libelium launched Smart Parking sensor technology integrated in the Waspmote platform. The latter detect the arrival and departure of vehicles. Due to this solution accurate informations are provided on available parking spaces. As a result of which, motorists save time and fuel. Additionally, there is a reduction in atmospheric pollution and congestion in cities.

Smart Parking prevents traffic congestions

preventing traffic congestions
preventing traffic congestions

People’s health are affected due to the atmospheric pollution and congested roads. Traffic congestion is a waste of time for motorists. It also wastes their fuels and increase pollution. Accurate information helps drivers to find out available parking spaces. It also helps in preventing traffic congestions.

Intelligent Parking sensor platform

Parking efficiently does not only eliminates driver frustrations but it also reduces CO2 emissions and saves fuel. Systems based on Libelium’s new Smart Parking sensor platform allow drivers to find free parking spaces quickly and efficiently.


Smart Parking sensors buried in parking spaces can communicate with the rest of sensor network by utilizing Waspmote’s ZigBee radio.

Waspmote’s power management and over the air programming (OTA)

Installing exceptional Waspmote’s power management and over the air programming (OTA) meaning, parking sensors does not need to be accessed for years. Motes transmits only when a vehicle arrives or leaving a space. The sensor can operate for five years with a suitable battery.


OTA programming allows efficient upgrading of software for entire networks over the radio network without digging up the parking spaces. The low maintenance involved in smart parking sensor networks means deployment of networks with thousands of nodes.


Smart parking sensors communicate through radios at either 2.4GHz or 868/900MHz. Implementation of mesh networks with routing motes located in street lights, for 2.4 GHz ZigBee connections.


Smart Parking benefits the citizens in many ways. Moreover, reservation is possible through the use of mobile phones or any reservation centers convenient to the motorists. Smart Parking solutions also helps in creating a greener world by reducing CO2 emissions.

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